How to install Semantic Mediawiki


I actually don’t know how

I have all the Semantic Mediawiki files uploaded, the folder is in the extensions folder, but I don’t actually know how to run the install.

Looking it up on Websites I am seeing that I need to run a particular code or file, but it comes down to these issues:

  1. I can’t find the file
  2. Dreamhost doesn’t even have a run option
  3. No idea where to actually input this code.

I’m not entirely lame, but I need more clarification as to what my next steps are. I’m also aware I need some sort of PHP program thingy, but also unaware of how to install that into my webFTP and where I should even install it.

If anyone can break down the steps a little easier to someone whom has never done this before, I would be much appreciative!


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