How to install new google sitemap plugin

Which version do I need to download for dreamhost?

Does anyone have some good instructions for the installation?

These instructions seem to assume some knowledge that I am unsure of.

Do I download the file and then ftp it to the server?

How do I extract on the server?

How do I do I complete the following step?

"Run the install script, using the following command format:

sitemap-install/ [option]…"

Thank you!

I need help with the same thing. Does DreamHost already have a Google Sitemap generator installed on its toadstool server? If yes, how could I access it?

Sorry! It appears that Google Sitemap Generator is meant to be used by system administrators. As a DreamHost customer, you won’t be able to install it yourself. Never get your hopes up if software requires “administrative access to the web server.”

See either and you can try their Perl version or Python version

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