How to Install Moodle? How to secure moodle files?

Hello, I am wanting to install moodle to my dreamhost account.

I am trying to follow the moodle installation guide and downloaded the files, then uploaded them to my moodle directory. But the next step say to:

Secure the Moodle files: It is vital that the files are not writeable by the web server user. For example, on Unix/Linux (as root):

chown -R root /path/to/moodle

chmod -R 0755 /path/to/moodle

find /path/to/moodle -type f -exec chmod 0644 {} ;

How do I do this? through filezilla FTP program? or through the dreamhost control panel? Sorry I am a newbie at this stuff.

Thanks for any help.

You can accomplish this via FTP. Just right-click on the folder in question, and change the permissions from there. Make sure that you tick the box to apply these permissions to all the folders inside. (That’s what the -R in the Unix command does.)

Make sure that your moodledata folder is outside the web root, as well. It should go in your user folder, on the same level your domain folder is.