How to install missing libraries


I need to use this perl package:

It requires libgif to be installed, including development headers.

When I try to install the package via cpanm I get

Unpacking Imager-File-GIF-0.88.tar.gz
Entering Imager-File-GIF-0.88
Checking configure dependencies from META.yml
Checking if you have Imager 0.94 … Yes (0.98)
Checking if you have ExtUtils::MakeMaker 0 … Yes (6.62)
Configuring Imager-File-GIF-0.88
Running Makefile.PL
GIF: building independently
GIF: main: includes not found - libraries not found
GIF: Checking if the compiler can find them on its own
OS unsupported: GIF libraries or headers not found
GIF: Test code failed: Can’t link/include ‘gif_lib.h’, ‘stdio.h’, ‘errno.h’,
‘string.h’, ‘gif’

What’s the best way for me to install or link libraries that I need to my
work that are not present on the dreamhost shared server?

Thanks for your help.

In this page:

It says
"Until then, you have to enter the shell and change the values for mbuild_arg and makefilepl_arg as noted in perlfaq8: How do I keep my own module directory?:"

So, it might be your solution.

You can also ask Dreamhost to install the lib on your server, which is easier for you, and possibly a preferred method for DH, as well.