How To - Install Joomla to root of active web?


I am new here and cannot figure how to install Joomla! to a domain that already has a completed websites on it. I have been asked to create a new website for a company but I am unable to delete the current website while the new one is under development. Is there a way to install Joomla! someplace, complete the new website, and then move that over to the current domain, once the old website has been deleted? I am not a new web developer by any means, but the process of developing on a CMS system is newer to me.

I hope that makes sense to someone out there. I appreciate any and all suggestions, you have my undying devotion. Thank you very much.

Julie :slight_smile:

If you have access to their Panel you can add a [anyname] sub-domain as Fully Hosted and use that for development. Then when they’re ready to switch, come back and ask how to do that bit (it’s easy!).

Panel > Domains > Manage Domains > Add New Domain / Sub-Domain

Oh THANK YOU!!! A million thanks for this help. Makes perfect sense…I hoped there was a way to do a sub-domain without any trouble. I haven’t explored the whole Panel yet - the business who hired me set this up earlier, and gave me the basic details ie: user id and so forth.

Take care…many hugs!


You’ll find the DreamHost Panel is chock-a-block full of awesomeness. Take 15 minutes to click around and you’ll quickly realise how powerful it is :wink:

Just quietly: There’s a guy at DreamHost that goes by the name of rlparker who is a J! Guru. He works in the Abuse team now I believe, but he might be cajoled into making a cameo appearance here if you have any further questions regarding the switch once you’ve finished development.