How to install imagemagick for photo gallery?

how do i install the imagemagick that will be used for a photogallery? i tried uploading the ImageMagick-6.2.3-3.tar.gz and telneting and sshing into the server and ran gzip -dc ImageMagick-6.2.3-3.tar.gz but it just goes nuts. please help =(

You do not need to install Imagemagick, DH has a version already installed that works a treat…

Just point your gallery2 to that installation…

Wordpress Gallery2 Integration Community ->

Yeah, don’t use a different version of ImageMagick. The one on DH works great for both 1.5 version of Gallery and also Gallery2. I recommend going with Gallery 2 Beta3 if you want a much easier experience.

If you’re set on installing imagemagick yourself, you mainly just need to download the source code and configure using:

./configure --prefix=/home/blah/username/directory-to-IM/

Then you run an make and make install. That way the program knows not to try and install to /usr/bin which you don’t have access to.