How to install ffmpeg?

I need a newer version of ffmpeg the dreamhost is very old.

How do I install?

apparently this link had a manual on how to install but no longer exists.

That’s disappointing. They said they weren’t going to dump the wiki, and then once again, WITHOUT NOTICE they dump the wiki. I’m sure we’ll hear about this decision in a few months.

At least the wiki was built on MediaWiki, which let you look at previous versions of pages. Now, that is gone.

Kjodle: the wiki (software) has been dumped with notice and replaced with a much better system, with a search engine that actually works and much improved content. The content has been improved and moved to a new home. Obsolete content has been pruned, many pages have been corrected and made more readable.

It’s still quite easy to see old content, thanks to the Web Archive waybackmachine. Check this trick:

The FFmpeg page in September 2015: had a very visible warning for outdated and unsupported content.

Go a little earlier in time, February 2015: the old ffmpeg page, and I see that the instructions are the ./configure && make && make install… Those are already documented on ffmpeg page and I can see why it makes no sense to keep a copy somewhere else… for something that is not officially supported in the first place.

Now, to move the conversation back to a positive ground: what’s the push to get a different version of ffmpeg? What exactly are you trying to achieve? let’s talk about other workarounds here (in case ./configure && make && make install is not an option… I don’t know that.)

Checked your blog—didn’t see any notice. Checked your newsletter—did not see this. Where was it announced? Where [em]should[/em] we be looking for these things?


You searched in the right places, but missed the announcement:


Neither of those say enough for me to provide alternatives and workaround unfortunately. Like monjo said in one of those threads, one solution is to compile a static binary and upload your own…

But there may be dozens of other ways to transcode videos than a ffmpeg instance on a shared hosting server (are we even talking about transcoding? are you on shared?)

I do not know much about Linux. I did not know if the original instructions of ffmpeg installation would work on a shared server. But the important thing is that it’s all working perfectly now.

Why would someone want ffmpeg 3.0.2 can have ffmpeg 0.8.17?

Why would someone want php 7 can have php 3.0?

Doubt that we will never have answers.

Thank kjodle and smaffulli for help