How to instal MyBB

Hello , this is my first day using DreamHost ,it looks great.
I am not interested to use wordpress or whatever is connected to wordpress.
I will use just MyBB forum.
I created this topic because the file manager (i am using Filezilla) is full with different files and i am not sure where to install the MyBB files.
in my file manager: ( .catche , gnupbg , .php , .mydomain ,logs ,maildr , alias , bash profile , bash rc , cshrc)
Do i need to delete all the above files to instal MyBB ??
If the files are important to the dreamhost itself and i can’t touch them ,where i should upload MyBb files ?

No. Typically you’d install your site’s files in its web directory. Usually this a directory named after the domain. I.e. If your site is, then you’d install into /home/user/

Thanks for the answer.

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