How To Increase Traffic

Hi All,
I have news websites, can u all suggest me that how can i improve traffic of my websites. I want specific ideas that can be applied for news site only.
so that i can increase thousands of unique visitors.

Please reply if you have general ideas…quality link building, PR, content etc…


porn usually generates a lot of traffic. take a tip from naked news? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure you will be told off using porn sites with DreamHost, ontopic you could look into possibly purchasing some traffic, you can try to fully optimize your website as well, sounds like your having issues with SEO if you have no traffic. Crack on with some keyword research and get yourself up there in the rankings.

This is kind of an open-ended question, and it’s attracted a lot of unhelpful, spammy comments. If you have any specific questions about promoting your site, please raise them in a new thread.