How to import rss feeds?

ive set up a blog using wordpress and the one click install on dreamhost, its also the latest version , Version 2.6.2 , but theres no way of importing rss feeds.
ive never seen this before where theres no option at all of importing rs feeds (???)
so can someone please tell me how to import rss feeds into the blogs, as it usually says “syndication” at the top of the admin panel, but theres nothing there at all, so if anyone knows how to import rss feeds, please explain here, (in simple language as im not a programmer)

many thanks

I think WP still has a default to show RSS feeds in the sidebar… Just go to “Design” -> “Widgets” -> click “Add” on the RSS module and configure it.

If you want to pull from a feed into new posts, well, I’m not exactly sure about that. There may be an addon or plugin that does it but I don’t think thats in by default.

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