How to import email into DH account


Hi (to anyone who reads this!) - I moved an account from GD to DH. Before I did, I set up an account for that mail on my laptop (as IMAP) and as part of that process, all the email was loaded onto my machine in /Library/Mail (running osx lion). I set the account up in the Mac mail tool

I was assuming it would be straightforward to have the new mail program on DH simply import it since both came from a linux platform. The only thing I can find on the DH wiki, these forums or via google is to use the mailutil program. In looking further there was a comment that since DH move email to a different server than we use for the accounts, that mailutil wouldn’t work.

The account set up on the mac Mail app works fine with the DH account and downloaded some messages, but there was no uploading to that account. I fear I may have somehow overwritten the original email directory from the prior account.

It seems like this should come up a lot and I’m mystified how I can’t find a solution. Thanks! Curt


I’m running Windows so YMMV but with Mozilla Thunderbird there is no problems setting up multiple mail accounts and drag-n-drop messages and folders between them.