How to host .ing domain?

I have registered a few (free) domains with .
The .ing TLD is resolved via the OpenNIC root servers - see

I would like to host one of these domains under my account on DreamHost, but when I try to add the domain, the DH panel tells me it’s ‘invalid’.

It’s not, of course, but apparently DreamHost is doing a check and does not know how to resolve it.

What should I do - or what could DreamHost do - to make hosting a .ing domain possible?

(Yes, I know that for others to see the domain, they’ll need to have an OpenNIC rootserver in their DNS setup - but that’s easy, and that’s not the problem here. I just need DreamHost to acknowledge that the domain is valid.)

Marjolein Katsma

The Panel won’t let you add domains under TLDs that aren’t in the ICANN root. You’ll need to ask Support to add the domain for you.

Do note that a number of important things won’t work for alt-root domains — most notably, email to the domain will not be deliverable, and email addressed from the domain will be discarded by many spam filters.

Thanks for the heads-up. I’m aware there are some drawbacks, but I do not necessarily need email at that domain. Basically I want to host some slide shows and link to other (photography) sites of mine. Nothing will critically depend on these domains, they’re just ‘nice to have’ as extra venues. :slight_smile:

Marjolein Katsma[hr]

[quote=“andrewf, post:2, topic:53980”]
The Panel won’t let you add domains under TLDs that aren’t in the ICANN root. You’ll need to ask Support to add the domain for you.[/quote]

Never mind my ‘Ask Support’ question in my previous reply - a buddy on already pointed me to the page I’d missed!

Marjolein Katsma

This text is for Germany.

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Zu erst muss man sein DNS Server ändern.
Und hier bekommt ihr DNS IPS her OpenNIC
Wenn ihr nicht wisst wenn man ein DNS Server ändern kann gibt bei Google : DNS Server ändern.

Das Große Problem das der User nicht auf die website besuchen kann, weil der User muss erst die DNS Server ändern.

Der User muss nicht die gleiche DNS IP haben aber er muss schon von OpenNIC eine IP aussuchen.