How to Host domain registered elsewhere

How to Host a domain that is registered elswhere.

I have the domain registered at godaddy. It has .us tld so I can’t transfer registration

i want to host the website on Godaddy.

How do i do it?

I followed the process at dreamhost. I added the URL of the domain… and I even sucessfully installled WP. But when I click the link for WP install form my email, the url still shows the Parked Website by godaddy…


You have to use your account control panel at GoD*ddy to change the nameservers for your domain from GoDaddy’s to those for DreamHost.

Change the nameservers for your registration to point to DreamHost’s using:

This will not effect your registration at all, but will cause your DreamHost site to be displayed when some one visits it in a browser using your domain name (once DNS is updated after you have changed it, which can take from a few minutes up to 72 hours or so).