How to have multiple sites (domains) and one server?

Hi there,
I realize this may seem like a very elementary question with an obvious answer but I have been tinkering for hours and searching endlessly for an answer. I’ve heard Dreamhost makes this very easy to do, but I’m having some issues and have had no luck finding tutorials.

I have a working website already with Dreamhost- and have it hosted there with wordpress, etc… working fine. I just purchased a new domain name from Dreamhost and would like to use the same hosting that I am for with this new one.

Under manage domains, I have hosted it, it seems with, successfully by going under Users, Files, and Paths and adding “”. Should I be expecting an index.html I’ve uploaded in the subdirectoryfornewdomainfiles subdirectory to make this new domain WORK or am I missing something entirely!?

It appears as though Drupal is a possible component to this process as well as this Google Apps thing… do I need them to have multiple domains and one host? Or… just… what DO I need to do?

Thank you infinitely!

When the system created the folder, you don’t need that subdirectoryfornewdomainfiles. All of your stuff belongs directly in the folder. I recommend that you remove /subdirectoryfornewdomainfiles from the web directory path.

For your second domain (and all others), this is what I do:

  1. Go to Manage Domains
  2. Click the top link to Add New Domain
  3. Use the “Fully Hosted” section
  4. Create a new FTP user (I do this to keep life nice and tidy - every domain belongs to a unique user)
  5. Leave all other settings in their default configuration and click the Fully Host This Domain blue button.

Ok, I’ve done all this and I got in through my FTP with the new information they gave me when it created a second FTP user.

I have two questions now,

  1. When I login to the FTP with the new user I am getting all the files from my other domain name. I guess this is normal.
    Will it interfere with this original website if I upload an index.html if I already have an index.php and Wordpress installed for the first domain? How about if I try to install Wordpress a second time either through one-step install or manually? I realize I have to make a few changes to ensure there are new databases etc. to make this work and am pretty familiar with that process. I was just wondering if it can be done with the same server AND two domain names?

  2. I’m getting this error on the page:
    It doesn’t look like your website has been set up correctly to run drupal.
    If it should be, and the install was started more than an hour ago, you may want to try deleting and re-installing the app.
    If you are a DreamHost Apps user, you can check the Discussion Forum or the wiki for further help.
    Paid DreamHost customers can submit a support ticket through the DreamHost Panel.

Last I checked, I had removed Drupal, although there IS this message on the Dreamhost website now:
We’re currently migrating your data to a new-and-improved version of our one-click software installer. If any of your previously-installed software is not appearing on this page, please give it 24 hours and everything will be groovy!

Thank you so much for your help!