How to have https to site for WordPress before domain is live

I signed up with DreamHost shared unlimited hosting to migrate a couple of web sites. On one I need to do some WordPress configuration and migration before it goes live, so I want httpS access for security before DNS points to the new site. I can’t get this to work.

  1. I can’t enable https on the domain in the DreamHost domain panel, I get “Sorry! It does not appear that you are hosting this domain here. … Please have your external DNS configured to point to your DreamHost website.” True… but I don’t want to do that before the new site sort-of works.

  2. I’ve added an entry in my /etc/hosts for skierpage-dot-com pointing to the DreamHost IP, but it only works for http. https (after I bypass Firefox’s security warning) gives “Site not found”.

  3. I’ve been able to enable https for the mirrored domain at, but viewing over https likewise gives “Site not found.”

Again, I need https access to the WordPress admin interface before DNS points www.skierpage-dot-com to my domain. Thanks for suggestions!

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