How to give user FTP accept to only 1 domain or

I have a message board set up on one of my domains for a friend. She now has her own site and her people are going to transfer the board over. My question is, I do not want them having access to all of my domains and webspace. Only that particular folder… only that domain that the forum resides on. As far as I know my username and password are the same for all 3 of my domains for ftp. How do I make it so they only have access for ftp on one of my domains?

well, using the webpanel i set up an ftp username. Now i received the email that the username is active. but when i go to:

i only get the files maldir and logs.
I do not see the files for the forum…
What is the correct path?

Oh this dumb blonde just went through that

In the cpanel under Billing, yes Billing

go to Account Privileges,
set up a new one, just check off the domain they need access to any any databases for that domain

Make sure Privilege Administration is not checked and anything else you don’t want them having access to.

I asked about this this morning and that is what the Dreamhost help guy said to do.

I used my own info and will send the other user the login to the cpanel and his login info. From the cpanel he can webftp.
Haven’t had the chance to see if it works with another ftp program. It will give them access though but only to the one domain.

Seems funny there is not a simpler way to make a simple ftp account and have it point at whatever domain or directory you want.

Maybe one of the geek gods will read this and help.

I don’t think you’re planning on giving your friend panel access are you? Just FTP access to her files.

So you’ve added her as a user, but you can’t see any domain folder; this is because you haven’t set the user to own any domains.

If the domain has already been added to your account:

  • Go to Manage Domains, and under the “Web Hosting” column of the domain in question, click “Edit”.

  • Make sure the domain is fully hosted, and set the “FTP user / CGI-runs-as user” to your friend’s username.

If the domain (or sub-domain) hasn’t been added to your account:

  • Click “Add New Domain / Sub-Domain”, and choose to fully host your friend’s domain (or sub-domain).

  • Set the “FTP user / CGI-runs-as user” to your friend’s username.

That is correct… i dont want them to have panel access… just access to the domain

Now, I followed your instructions and made her username have access to the

THen this is what I did:

I put in

I put in her username and password that I created for her and it took me to the directories. this is what i got:


when I clicked on the dragonflygardenphotos, it was empty…?

What did I do wrong? How do I see the files to make sure it works for her?

I put it back to the main user for time being… but unsure what I did wrong and why I did not see any files. When I put it back to my username etc, I was able to see the files…

The files are not there for your friend because you have not uploaded them. The folder in your friend’s area is different to the one in your area.

Your area: (this has the files)
Her area: (this is empty)

If the domain is fully hosted under your username, the domain will point to the folder in your user area (which is why it’s working); if the domain is fully hosted under her username, the domain will point to the folder in her area (which is empty).

Oh… ok… goodness this is all so confusing.

Ok… so I will redo what I did before. Then I will ftp over all the files for the phpBB to her “space.” Now what about the database, will that automatically transfer over when I move over the phpBB files?

By the way thank you so much for all this help!!

Databases are independent from user areas, so it should be fine.

so when she takes the files i upload… her usernames and memberlist and posts will all appear on her board on her new site?

There’s no reason for them not to. That data is stored in the database (which is separate from your user areas), and as long as the files you upload remain the same, everything should work exactly as before.

Well, i did it! Thanks to you!

I sent her the username and password…

Now she writes back telling me her web people need access to:

Why do they need access to this? (she is moving her forum from my domain to her domain)…

Do they really need access to this? I don’t like the idea of someone having access to my web panel … aren’t the files and ftp enough?

What do I do? She could just start from scratch and rebuild a new form from new… but I do not understand why they need access to my web panel… and I am wondering how did they find out I was hosted with dreamhost? is there some way people can do a search to see who you are hosting with?

they only need FTP access and database settings to connect to the database you give to them.

You don’t want to give them full panel access under your user name.

I’m not sure about email accounts, possibly they want to make them.

Ok… I didn’t think I wanted to give them full access. sounded not so good to me… How do I give them the database settings?

As before, they have FTP access to all the phpBB files… what are the steps then for the database settings? – assuming you set that up as a mysql hostname. If not just see which hostnames you can use under Manage MySQL, or add another one. She then just needs to enter her database username and password to access phpMyAdmin.

You can give her restricted panel access if you wanted to. Setting up email accounts would be one reason she’d want that.

It’s likely that they viewed the WHOIS information of her domain to find out about DH.

ok… this is what I have when i go to manage mysql:

Hostname(s) for this MySQL server: [Add One] [X] [phpMyAdmin] [X] [phpMyAdmin]
(These are interchangeable.)

Database(s) on this server:

Database Action Users with Access
annapatterns (3.73 MB)
"phpBB Database"
2006-05-04 13:23:53 Restore backups of your MySQL database “annapatterns”…
Modify your MySQL database "annapatterns"
Delete your MySQL database “annapatterns”. anna
Add a new user to your MySQL database "annapatterns"
blah (576 KB)
"phpBB Database"
2006-06-09 08:28:19 Restore backups of your MySQL database “blah”…
Modify your MySQL database "blah"
Delete your MySQL database “blah”. testing
Add a new user to your MySQL database "blah"
testbase (568 KB)
"phpBB Database"
2006-06-09 07:50:48 Restore backups of your MySQL database “testbase”…
Modify your MySQL database "testbase"
Delete your MySQL database “testbase”. test
Add a new user to your MySQL database “testbase”

Now… my stuff is on and hers is on… now her username is “Anna.”

When I go to in the dropbox on the left it only shows under database “annapatterns” and “information_schema”. (which when I set up her privledges i only put in her domain and her database)

Now when I go to and I put in her username and password, same thing on the left in the database drop down box I just get “annapatterns” and “information_scheme” my database for my stuff does not show up.

By the way “blah” and “Testbase” are mine, hers is “annapatterns” for the databases

This means If I gave her the username and password i crated she would only have access to her database, right?

I went

Yes; she will have access to any database that you have given her access to (“Users with Access”).

You have been a GEM!!! let’s hope this is all she needs now then!

Just to let you know… all is well and her forum transferred over flawlessly. Thank you so much for all the help!