How to give someone access to build website

I just signed up with dreamhost and hired someone to build a website. I need a tutorial of how to give someone access to start building our website. I do not want the hired hand to have access to sensitive material.

Thanks in advance.

Add the domain on manage domains in the panel. For the “Run this domain under the user:” select the option to create a new user. That “user” is a server login that you can give the designer for ftp,sftp,ssh etc. Only other thing you might need to do is create a database and hostname for them to use also.

I got that far. How does the designer login? I attempted to connect via ftp from the “connect via ftp” link on the manage users page and it gave me a 530 incorrect login error even though I am sure the password is correct.

First question is how long did you wait? There are 2 delays to contend with here. First, the panel delay, you make a request and it’s then pushed out the server. The panels usually say’s it takes 10-15 minutes, but I’ve seen it actually take a little longer but usually less that 20 minutes. The second delay is DNS propagation, that can take anywhere from a few minutes, but usually 12-24 hours, and as long as 72 hours. If you can bring up the domain in your browser and see the default “Dreamhost coming soon” page then DNS propagation has reached you.

As for hot to connect to the server:

I get this when I type in my url: Site Temporarily Unavailable
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.

error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

I only registered today with dreamhost. I guess I need to wait a bit?

No, that error is indicative of a different problem.

Panel > Domains > Manage Domanis

Click Edit next to the broken domain.

Click the Change Settings Now button (without changing anything).

ok, I’ve done this. How long until this change goes into effect?

10 minutes tops. If not, try again.