How to give someone access to account

I bought a new theme from Themeforest for my website and need to have someone download it to my dreamhost account so I can start working on it. My questions is how do I grant this person access to the one domain (have 14 in my main dreamhost account) without giving them the main user login. Is there a way I can make a login just for this one person and one website so he can download workpress and get the theme uploaded so I can begin to make changes to it?

Go to your dreamhost control panel -> users -> manage users

From there… set up an FTP account, his/her directory (to your domain), user/pass & click on “FTP”.

Then you can share the user/pass with him so he can access your domain that you’ve set.

I do believe this can be done through the domain settings as well (under edit at the list of domains), but I’m unsure seeing I don’t have any hosting with dreamhost myself.