How to give away a domain?

I have 3 domains at the moment. Two I want to keep, and the other one I want to give to one of my friends.
I was wondering how this could be done? I want her to have it in her own registrar and get it hosted wherever she likes, but I don’t know how to “transfer” the domain to her.


The way to do this is to have them go to their registrar, it may even be the same as your current registrar and initiate a transfer from there, they will be charged a fee for this, usually it will include 1 year renewal from the transfer date.

Before they initiate the transfer you need to make sure the domain is not in the locked status with your registrar, most will let you unlock it from their management interface.

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I registered the domain through DH. Where exactly do I get it unlocked?

unless you asked suport to lock it for you it is allready un-locked.