How to get the authorization code from DreamHost?

I have two domains registered with dreamhost.
My account was suspended yesterday due to violation of TOS.
Now I want to transfer the domains to go daddy and they are asking for a confirmation code from current registrar. How will I get that? I am in dead condition…

If you had written them down in advance, you wouldn’t be needing them now. :wink:

Write to Good Luck.


I sent a mail. Lets see what they reply.
Is there any other way to transfer the domain?

With current ICANN rules, not that I know of.


ok, I mailed them and they sent me the authorization codes…

There ya go! Good luck with your new registrar and host. :wink:


Plus, if they’re locked… he probably won’t be able to unlock them anyway.

There’s also a chance Dreamhost would want the registration fees before releasing them, if they release them.

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That’s a good point, and one I had completely forgotten about…and you are probably right about the fees too. :wink:

Edit: Though, the more I think about it, if they didn’t refund his money, which, per the TOS, they are not obligated to do if his account was terminated for TOS violations, they may have just figured that “first year” was a wash.