How to get SVN + SSH + Putty working from commandl

  1. set up putty, subversion, tortoisesvn. Set tortoise to use pageant to ssh into your svn per usual faqs

  2. Go to registry: HKLM\software\\subversion\config\tunnels (or HKCU\ if you prefer) and make a string key
    name: ssh
    data: $SVN_SSH plink.exe

  3. change PATH by going to my computer->properties->advanced->environment variables and adding the path to your Putty install

  4. make sure you specify svn+ssh://username@configuredhostinputty or it’ll default to your windows username, which is probably wrong

  5. use the bastard

Damn that was a pain in the ass to figure out. Seriously, wtf.

Necessary to use Capistrano with svn+ssh though…