How to get subversion 1.3?

software development


I’m wondering how I can get subversion 1.3 working.

I have installed a svn repository using the DH panel - and when I go to the command line on my server I get:
[caesar]$ svn --version
svn, version 1.1.4 (r13838)
so it’s an oooold version…

I would prefer 1.3 because it’s considered easier to administer (doesn’t use BerkeleyDB), and needed by most other software I may use later (trac…).

The wiki explains how to install 1.3. ( Should I install 1.3 on top of the existing installation ? will it work ? Do I have to change something in my server settings ? I’m using shared hosting.

Thanks !

Developing in Java ? try EasyEclipse