How to get SSL on DreamObjects Sub-domain Alias? Cloudflare?



I have a sub-domain alias set up like: which has a CNAME record connecting it to: for DreamObjects. My plan is to eventually migrate everything over to DreamCompute/DreamObjects.

However, I cannot get a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for that sub-domain alias. I contacted Dreamhost Support and they say it’s not possible to get Let’s Encrypt either, so the alias is pretty much useless when used on my site that is entirely HTTPS. My only solution is to use an URL like , which has already changed once in the past and is going to be a major SEO problem, as Google will not see these images on my own domain name anymore either, and if the URL changes again in the future, it’s going to be more setting up redirects when 3rd-party sites link back to my image URLs. This isn’t going to work for me.

The ideal solution is Let’s Encrypt on a permanent sub-domain ( that can simply be CNAME updated whenever the CDN URLs change.

Dreamhost Support says that it may be possible to get SSL for by using something called CloudFlare with a free CloudFlare account. Does anyone know how to do this on DreamCompute?

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I asked around to see what you can do and your options are limited unfortunately. The short version is that at the moment you can’t use Let’s Encrypt nor another certificate on a CNAME pointing at a DreamObjects bucket. Your quickest solution is to point your images to HTTPS The Cloudflare solution might work but you’ll have to experiment yourself: I couldn’t find anybody that tried that. If you run an experiment, please take notes and write down a #howto so you can get credit for your cloud costs.

One thing that came out is that you should call the bucket (not mybucket) and therefore set the CNAME to CNAME This is the standard ASW-S3 practice.

DreamObjects SSL certifcate for CNAME alias

Thanks for the advice on the bucket naming, I will update these to standards before moving the images there. I’ll try figuring something out, I’ll probably just keep my highly popular, highly linkable images (only 1GB anyways) in DreamCompute and put the 300+ GB product image stuff on , as almost one links to these images or posts the images on their sites anyways. Hopefully in the future, Dreamhost will somehow be able to get Let’s Encrypt on the CNAME sub-domain alias for DreamObjects to keep everything within the domain name.


I tried setting up an example: , but when the photo loads on that direct URL, the HTTPS certificate is broken.

On Mozilla, it shows an error:
The certificate is only valid for the following names: *,

On Chrome it shows:
There are issues with the site’s certificate chain (net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID).

I’m not sure what to do.


What’s the actual bucket name? I don’t understand why people are so concerned about sharing what is already a public URL :slight_smile:


I set up a new bucket with the naming standard that you had mentioned. Here is the direct URL example for an uploaded photo:


Thanks for the detail… and it turns out that I was wrong: the rules for SSL cert get mismatched. This notation is the one that is guaranteed to work:

with the bucket name as part of the URL path, not the hostname. On another note, I’m told that the Cloudflare approach is being properly documented… not sure how long it will take.


Thanks a lot, this URL appears to show up correctly with HTTPS working.

Do you know of a way to quickly transfer 800,000+ files from VPS into DreamObjects quickly, or do I have to develop some kind of script that loops through each and every image and copy them to DreamObjects?


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