How to get Nodejs to run on port 80

I got a VPS on Dreamhost and have create a Nodejs application however, since I do not have sudo access on the VPS I can’t use port 80 and therefore had to create a proxy in my .htaccess file that redirected the user to port 3000.

Now in the URL there is an ugly port 3000.

How can I get nodejs to run on port 80?

You should be able to setup a proxy pass using DreamHost’s panel. On ignore the ‘mongrel’ part and focus on the proxy: you should pick the domain name you have your node app running, and put the port 3000 in the form below.

I noticed that the help page has a warning for ‘unsupported information’:
If those instructions work for you, could you please let me know? In exchange on improved documentation, DreamHost will refund your bill for next month (up to $100). See the details on (even if the post is mostly about cloud, I can extend that to your case.)