How to get my domain to point to index.html?

So I’m pretty new to this, and came here through’s How To Build A Website course. This is my first time owning my own domain or using an FTP service.

I have a domain from and it should be connected to my account in Dreamhost.

But I hit a few snags. First, I could not get my FTP clients to connect me. I tried Cyberduck and Filezilla with my domain name and the SFTP user account Dreamhost gave me. While doing this, I’m trying to follow instructions from

I talked with Dreamhost customer service and managed to get FileZilla to connect by changing the host from my domain, to the dreamhost server my domain is hosted on. This got FileZilla working, but not Cyberduck. I don’t know if this has anything to do with my current issue however.

Currently when I try to visit my domain, instead of going to index.html, it just goes to the Namecheap placeholder. I try, and the browser refuses to connect to it (ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE.)

All my web page files are uploaded under my domain file in FileZilla. The link below goes to a screenshot of FileZilla, with index.html highlighted

FileZilla Screenshot

Domain Screen snippet

But is it? Did you set that domain to use DreamHost’s nameservers?

I’m not sure what the index.html file is doing there. WordPress uses index.php.

Your nameservers are not set to,,

You need to log in at namecheap to set that…