How to get cron / email logs on shared hosting?


We are on shared hosting.

Our Dreamhost Moodle site is configured to automatically send users an e-mail when they sign up. Around June 6th we had many people contact us saying they weren’t receiving their new user registration e-mail.

How can I get a log of all CRON and Moodle php e-mail activity from June 1st to the beginning of the month? For the users to had problems, we need to see how long it took for CRON to send their e-mail request and how long it took moodle to send the e-mail via the built-in PHP e-mail system. We are not using SMTP to send Moodle e-mails. It is using the default PHP method of sending e-mails.

The self-registration worked before June and it is working again this week.