How to get a good position on google...? (SEO)

Id like to know how to get a good position on search engines as google/yahoo. I tried some Seo free softwares, but I was looking for something to add some “tags” related to the content of my website to attract visitors. If anyone can help, Id be very thankful.

Thanks in advance…

Unfortunately there is no magic solution to SEO. If you look around you will see tips that in one site are given as a good way to do things but in another are listed as useless or even detrimental.

One thing to bear in mind is not to try and cheat your way to the top as this could end up with the site being blacklisted in the long term.

meta tags are probably what you asked about specifically. These are placed in the header of the site Either add them yourself or look to see if there is an addon for whatever application you are using that will help with it.

In general keep these relevent to the content of the site. They may or may not make a difference but won’t hurt.

For good rankings you probably need to concentrate on the actual content. If other sites are linking to your site this will probably have the greatest effect. If the conent is good and you get a lot of visits the ranking should increase on ts own over time.

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Content is the way to go. You need good content on your site to get a good ranking. You can’t “cheat” the system. That will most likely have the opposite effect and may even get your site banned from the search engines. Yes, that does happen and it’s not funny.

Meta tags is not actually used anymore when it comes to search engines. People added lots of irrelevant keywords to their site so they don’t use it anymore.

The search engines focuses on your content. Get good content and wait. Eventually you will get a better position on the search results.

Meta tags do count, as long as you don’t repeat the same meta content throughout your site. If you repeat the same keywords on each page, Google negates them.

In UK, my site is top for serveral web development related search terms, including seo web development. If you use meta keywords relevant to the specific page, and make them different on each page, they do count.

This aside, content is king. Get full useful well structured content… headings, decent content incorporating keywords… that’s your best bet.


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Looks like I am going to have to express a contrary opinion here.

Search engines wouldn’t know good content from rubbish, a trait shared no less by humans unfortunately.

On the other hand other websites may provide LINKS to your site if
your content is perceived to be worthy, and it is the links which
matter, as well as relevant incoming anchor text.

I believe that at a conference of seos several years ago it was
acknowledged that only Inktomi amongst the major search engines paid any attention to metatags, and I am not sure if they still do.
However the meta “description” is what often appears on search results so do pay some attention to that.

No cheating as per poster above, but do use your keywords in title,
one or more of the top level headings as well as liberally in the
body. Avoid text images since these cannot be parsed by search
engines currently. Try to get some links from related sites but don’t
waste your time doing the rounds of guestbooks.

Submit your site to Open Directory and hope for the best.

If you have time hang around the discussions over at