How to FTP to my server?

That is, since I’m running , how can I get into the server through FTP? I don’t know what to enter into my FTP app, therefore I can’t get in. :frowning:

(It’s necessary to upgrade my copy of Movable Type.)

Just enter your domain name for the host. Er… can’t help you with the username and password part (not the same as your Dreamhost Web ID and password).

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frown See, I’m using SmartFTP, and I type for the Address, but the only ID I have are my Movable Type SN and PW. :frowning:

(Yes, this is re: Crys’ server; if I need her ID, I can ask her mom again for the numbers needed for the password.)

Yes, you will need Crys’ FTP username and password, Edward.
All the best -

Very well, thanks - I should ask the Dreamhost guys, then?

does not know how to do so, nor do I know either her username or her password, but HOPEFULLY her mom will be able to supply the #### needed for both

G’day Edward, if you have been asked to run Crys’ site in her place by her family, contact DH to arrange for the ownership of the site to be transferred to you.

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