How to ftp site sync


I found syncronizing a whole site awfully painful, as all directories have to be individually listed and it takes quite a long time.

The only software that I found that lists the directories in multiple sessions is Crystal Site Updater but it’s full of bugs.

What software do you use the sync your site?

Some programs allow to use the MDTM command to set the uploaded file date, but Dreamhost server doesn’t seem to allow it. How can I get around this problem as my file sizes also differ?



I don’t actually file sync, so the end result may be different… However you might look at the ‘automatic backups’ wiki article. It sets ups a system to download compressed site backups to your computer on a regular basis. Of course if you’re going for a live working copy to host locally this won’t work for you out of the box, but you could possibly change it around I suppose.

–Matttail - personal website


If you’re talkin about syncing locally from web to HDD, you can use Dreamweaver, I find that it does a pretty efficient job.