How to forward email to gmail (not google apps)


A) How can I forward my dreamhost email
example (fictitious)

Dreamhost management team post this message…on the webpage

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  1. You need to register at Google Apps for your Domain if you haven’t already.

  2. Re-create all the email accounts you need over at Google Apps for your Domain.

B) I can NOT see any possibilities to forward my emails to any outside email account like GMAIL or others.

“Google apps email” does not allow “email auto forwarding” to any GMAIL accounts?

“Google apps” allows a “google email account” which is NOT a GMAIL account.

I received this email from the GMAIL team


“Google apps email” does not allow “email auto forwarding” to any GMAIL accounts or others like

Is this correct ? I tried and experimented , and it does not seem possible…

May be I missed something, if someone could give a bit more details, help or simple solution? ( I am a newbie)




I use plain ol’ gmail, and have a setup where it does forward. I’m using this double-pass spam filtering:

Looks like it’s in Gmail’s Settings->Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.