How To Find Your Webpages?

I think I may have uploaded my entire website!! How do I find my webpages?

– vja4him

if all went well: the files were put in the directory under your home directory and you have an index.htm or html then you would see wehn website when you type in

(of course you have to change out both instances of with the appropiate domain name that you are using. )


How do I find my home directory, so I can view my web pages?

Did you register a domain to accompinay your hositng account?


Yes I did register a domain.

See “What is the path to my home directory?

As I suggested earlier (in my reply to your query regarding FTP), do take a moment to read the Getting started guides in DreamHost’s very helpful Knowledge Base. Answers to the questions you have posted so far can be found in the Knowledge Base. :slight_smile:

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