How to find Wordpress light theme free



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not spamming, sorry for my English. i want find that theme, i check that site and it’s a light wp theme. but i don’t know how to find that theme name, and OR is any website for get light wp theme (similar what i show there). i think light wp theme will get fast loading speed. thank you.


Sorry about the misunderstanding.

Normally, I would say to examine that site’s source code and look for what WordPress theme they are loading, but that site has a custom theme and is minimizing their css, so all that information is gone. But searching through the stylesheet for “theme” reveals that it might be the Owl Theme from Themeforest:

That will, of course, cost you some money. If you are looking for a similar free theme, your best bet is to go to the WordPress themes page ( and click on the Feature Filter.


Thank you very much for your time. i get fine ideas from you. and i will try this themeforest. 1 thing i saw my 1st comment hide. is that normal?