How to find URL of file

I am in desperate need to be able to insert the url of .swf files into my blogging software on other servers. I cannot figure out how to get the correct url of my files on DH. Is there any way I can get help on this?

well, depending on what you’re trying to do you’re probably looking for one of these paths:



does not work!
what is wrong with it

it doesn’t work, becuase it’s not a valid URL. a URL would look somehting like or or ever

is my mySQL database!

Have you tried ? It’s working here…

I’m assuming your website is and let us say that the file is movie.swf

So…you used ftp or whatever program of your choice to upload movie.swf into your folder in the root directory. The absolute URL of your file will be

Now, let’s say that instead of putting it into your main directory folder, you made another folder called media and uploaded movie.swf to that folder. The absolute path would then be

Does that clear it up a bit for you? If you are using this one particular file on multiple websites, you should use the absolute URL to it. Otherwise you will have to upload the file to each site and use a relative path (like embed src="file.swf if it’s in the main directory or if you put it into a differend directory under that main folder embed src=“media/file.swf” …if you had uploaded into the folder ‘media’)

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are you using the quicktime streaming server?