How to find if plugin is attempting hit on the MYSQL custom database

I have the CFF Calc Plugin which the form should be updating the custom MYSQL database. Nothing happens, we get a 500 server error only if we put an ECHO statement in the php file the use as a config file in their plugin directory.

The php file is where the plugin manages the database connections from their forms via a form id. No errors are anywhere and the plugin acts like it worked at least it goes to the page it should divert to or keeps blank screen if the page diversion is empty. We tried both for testing.

We have plugins hitting that database ok all the time, the CFF Calc developers ok’d the php code we added from their examples. Nothing is wrong between the database field types vs the form field types so it has to be a connection issue, HOWEVER, how do we find out if it is even hitting the database or where it is failing or what we are not sure since there is no audit trail.

Is it security?

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