How to Finalize Domain Add-On Just Not Clear Enough


Ok, so I entered the domain name. The web directory name is in place, but there’s not a darn thing on the add domains page that clearly says, “CLICK HERE WHEN DONE” – instead, I see a bunch of follow-up choices as to whether I want to add Google Mail, host with Google, park it, etc. Ok, so am I supposed to choose one of the following?

Gee, how about saying, “Choose one, or none of the following?” and then a “Click to finish button” I honestly don’t know what to hit right now and, believe me, I’ve hosted elsewhere without such problems before. Go take a look at the Add Domain page. If you’re not new here, you might know what to do from having learned it already but what would a newcomer here think in not seeing anything that even remotely suggests continuing or finalizing the process?

So, let’s see. If I’m to be a sleuth, I’d say if I don’t want any of the options, I’d pick “Fully Host This Domain”… if so, how bout you make that a ticked OPTION with a button that says CLICK HERE TO FINISH. Anything that speaks in the mind’s intuitive language instead of 6 options and nothing that says CLICK TO FINISH.

Wish me luck…