How to end SquirrelMail autopurge?

Hey folks,

I’ve noticed that SquirrelMail seems to automagically purge messages marked as deleted when I switch folders. Is there a way to change that?

I’m using Outlook (yeah yeah… it’s a requirement) and IMAP to connect to my dreamhost account. Unlike Entourage or any other IMAP client, Outlook simply marks messages as deleted instead of moving them to the deleted items folder. That’s fine and dandy on my account, I clean this up once a week manually using the web UI - but when using squirrelmail it simply deletes them. To null. Gone. forever. Yack.

Anyone know how to disable this?

don’t delete message with webmail - just move them to your trash folder. select your messages and in the pull down menu select: move to trash_folder.


I’m not deleting messages with webmail - I’m deleting them in Outlook which then marks them as deleted.

When I use the webmail, if I just switch folders, Squirrel automatically purges the messages that were marked as deleted. I’m not deleting messages with webmail, I’m just switching folders and they’re getting deleted.

Alternately, you could setup an archive folder and drag messages to it inside Outlook instead of deleting them.

-but I don’t think I understand, you delete the messages and the problem is they are gone? The messages Outlook sees will be moved around or deleted from the server if you are subscribed to the folder and do that in Outlook. It almost sounds like your other host wasn’t reading the changes you made in Outlook correctly. -But I don’t use Outlook, so I may be way off.