How to enable permissions on file/folder

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I’m a complete php/DH newb, and I can’t figure out how to enable write permissions on my image folders and php page.

Basically, I’m using Cafescripts (a Cafepress php script), and it says that one has to make a particular page and image folders “writeable by everyone (777 on Linux/Unix)”.

I’ve looked around the DH admin, but can’t seem to find how to do that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You’ll need an ftp client or to telnet/ssh in.

Ftp is the easiest way. Cute FTP is a nice program. You should be able to FTP in, select the file, right click on it and go to properties or CHMOD and change that.


I’m also a Mac guy, and I use Dreamweaver to ftp.

When I control click on the folders and get info, I can get the network permissions, which say that read and write are enabled. I’m not sure how to do it for the website tho.

Not sure what CHMOD is, but I’ll look around.


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Hmm… I believe DW has an extension to do chmod (change mode, set permissions) from Macromedia Exchange - do a search for ‘file permissions’.
Another option may be to use DW’s FTP Log console to do the chmod’ing.
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Cool, thanks.

I downloaded that extension, but it didn’t seem to take on the server. I have some nested folders, and made sure that they all have the same extension.

I’ll keep trying. At least I have a way to do it now.

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