How to edit wp-config.php

In connection with installing woocommerce I need to change language on my wordpress-site, and firstly it seems that I have to do edit the wp-config.php-file. It is a year ago since I edited php-files upon installing wordpress, and I have completely forgotten how to do it…
Can someone help?

Um, with a text editor?

Thanks, I will try to read that doc. Must change my Wordpress language (I think), and that needs to be done in the wp-config.php file… Very scary!!

I am still very stuck - so perhaps the question is: how to edit php? do i do this via FTP? Think this was what I did last year… I access the files via my Dreamhost dashboard, but I do not manage to open the php-files… So where to I do that? Perhaps this is something I have to ask WP to help me with?

There are several ways to edit any file on the server. Transferring the file to your local computer via (S)FTP, editing it, and sending it back is one way.

Thanks - new try!

I know this is stupid and basic and all that - BUT, ok, I have gone to Users in my panel, I have clicked FTP, I have logged on, I see the content files, and i see the wp-config.php file - but what do I do then?? I simply do not understand HOW to edit php - how to “get it out” to the text editor? And I have no idea on how to upload files to any folder in the FTP either…I know this is basic knowledge - sorry for bothering you with this…

It’s a text file, you can download it and edit it using a basic notepad or text edit type program.
You do NOT want to use a word processor for this.

Carefully make the changes as suggested by wocommerce and upload the file back to the root of your WP install.

Some FTP clients will let you view and make simple text edits to files right there at the server (Dreamhost,your website). If your’s does, view (edit, open) the file, make the changes and save.

If you’re on Windows, get a copy of NotePad++. TextWrangler is good for Mac. Both are free (as in beer).

They’re much easier, and color code things.

Thank you so much for help …and patience!