How to edit text online with WEBFTP


Hello. I am very new at this. I am trying to edit/update text online that is in a website that was created with Google sites and has been hosted on Dreamhost. I have gone into WEBFTP, made a quick one word text change to the homepage of my website, and saved the file. On WEBFTP, I can see the change, but my website has not been updated. Please help.

(I prefer not to download and upload files if I don’t have to. Also, I was not the original creator of the website, so I don’t have access to the site in Google sites). Thank you in advance for your help with this.


your site is likely hosted by google sites… check there


Thank you for your reply. I do not have access to the original website on Google sites. Do you know if there is a simple way to update the text through WEBFTP instead of through Google sites?


If your website was hosted with google sites I do not believe you could edit it unless you could log into your google apps panel to do it. Being hosted by google sites means any content is on google’s servers and not on your DH account. If you have control over the domain, however, there are ways for you to retrieve the administrative password by going to this address (just put your actual url there) and it should give you some options on how to retrieve the information.

If you want to be able to manually edit your website and wants more than the limited options google sites offer you should log into your DH admin panel and make your site fully hosted instead of hosted with google. You would have to create your site from scratch though but I would highly recommend you using the one-click custom install of wordpress or concrete5.