How to easily purge site

After having my site up (in various versions) for over ten years, my ftp is full of old and redundant files. I really want to streamline with a fresh one-click wordpress install and a clean palate. I’ve searched for an easy way to clear my webspace of all files, but haven’t found anything really specific. Anyone out there who can please point me in the right direction? Thanks!!

What i would do if I were you… is to go to “manage domains” in the panel, click the “edit” button for the domain you are wanting to restart. Then for the setting “Run this domain under the user:” change the dropdown to “create a new user” then click the “Change Settings” button at the end of that section.

That will cause a new user to be created on the server and the domain will run using that user. You will have a fresh empty user that you can use for your new one click install. Plus all your old files will still be available under your old user should you need anything that is there.

You can delete them via either FTP (slow) or CLI (fast).