How to download one folder of email?

Hi. I’ve been using SquirrelMail for a while to avoid inadvertently downloading nasties to my hard drive. I was also shuttling between 3 computers, and it was handy to have all my mail on the server.

I’ve got a bunch of messages that have been moved to the .old-messages folder in my Inbox (Maildir directory). I’d like to download the contents of the .old-messages folder to my main computer, leaving the rest of the mails accessible on the server.

I use Eudora 5.1 to download my email. Does anyone know if it is possible to configure Eudora to grab only the mail in a certain folder (the .old-messages folder)? If so, how would one do that?


I think you would want to just subscribe to it as an IMAP folder (but maybe, if it’s possible, not have that folder checked automatically for new mail).