How to download from WebFTP

I am trying to download a directory from my DH site to my computer. After I login to the WebFTP site I get the listing of the files. The UPLOAD button is selectable but
the DOWNLOAD button is non-selectable.

How do I download from the WebFTP page?

To clarify…

WebFTP lets me download individual files, but when I select a folder the
DOWNLOAD buttong becomes un-selectable.

I just want to download /wp-content


To clarify:

I can select an individual file and download it. But I want to download
an entire directory, like /wp-content.

How do I download an entire directory? (When I select a folder, the DOWNLOAD
button becomes un-selectable)


I don’t believe WebFTP supports directory downloading.

Connect with a real SFTP client such as WinSCP or CyberDuck

thanks sXi!

thanks, xSi!