How to download backups?

– did the backup of my entire account
– got the email w/ the http link to download it all w/in 5 days
– but surely, i can download it properly w/ sftp, right?
– when i take target in the url of the http link sent to me and put it in cuteftp w/ port 22 selected, and using the id/pw in the email, it just spins, trying to connect and repeatedly timing out.

Am i supposed to be able to do this via sftp the way I am trying?

I just use “wget” on my Linux box. I assume Windows has a similar program.

i use filezilla to connect via sftp, works every time. i’m not sure you have to use the url they gave you. just ftp to and you should see everything associated with your account, assuming you’ve enabled ftp access. have you tried ssh to your account to verify it’s active?

I can do that for most of my current content, but I am trying to download the backup that you can make for your whole acct once every thirty days, and which only stays on the backup server for 5 days. You create it by going to Dreamhost > Backup Your Account . The url they email me starts with… . I am almost sure I can sftp to it, but I can’t get sftp to work at the moment, to even my PS. And, I know it is active because I am in it through the panel.

The files on are only available via the address you were emailed – they are NOT available via FTP or SFTP.

Never having tried this, that must mean that username and password for HTTP access. I only use for my backups user, and that lets me SFTP.

sdayman: You’re thinking of (hanjin, used for the 50GB backup user), which is completely unrelated to (dhaccountbackup, used for the Back Up My Account feature).

Yep, that’s what I was thinking of. Maybe I’ll try that domain backup feature sometime, but for now, I use rsync after dumping the database into my home directory.