How to Do This?

I know HTML and CSS coding pretty well, but I’ve not used it in a while and have gotten rusty. One thing I’ve seen done and would like to be able to do is the background paper design seen here: I don’t want to copy the design, but just want to know how they got the paper look and, especially, how they make the paper appearance repeat to make it look like a full sheet of paper, stretched to hold the posts. I also want to know how they made the transparent tape look for the right sidebar of the theme. I know it involves creating images, but my main thing is, how do I use CSS to place the images to fit my text like they do in this theme? I’m guessing I need to use the “repeat” setting (or declaration; I forget what it’s called in CSS, sorry) for the images.

I hope I made this understandable. I’m not sure how to word what I’m asking. But if anyone can help me improve my designing skills by getting through this, I’d be super-grateful! :slight_smile: Thanks!

if you have firefox, you can right click on the page and "View Page Source"
Inside that you should be able to link to any external scripts, stylesheets, or images

also, here’s a handy CSS Reference

Try using firebug for firefox then view the #wrapper for the css info on the image for the page. It is one image all the way from left to right that is repeated on y and the top and bottom of page image is another image. The tape image is in #sidebar-top. Once you look at these it’ll just click and make sense.

I think you should view the Page source of that page. You need to right click on that page and select the View Page Source option. You can get better coding help from that. How can you use that functionality in your application. If you want to get the path or links of images or css file on that page then you need to right click on that page and select the Page Info option. Here you can see all the information related to that page. I hope this will help you.