How to do PHP setting?




I’m installing phpBB3 message board and I need to enable the
PHP setting allow_url_fopen

Could anyone tell me how to do this?



There are scores of posts about this on these forums (just use the search function).

This previous post sums it up nicely.

That said, please do not not enable allow-url-fopen on a shared server. It was disabled by DreamHost for good reasons! :wink:



Thanks for the reply. Just to set the record straight, I did search this message board several times before posting my question, but couldn’t come up with anything. I’m just not familiar enough with this subject to know the correct search terms to use, I guess.


You are welcome, and I wasn’t meaning to take you to task for not having found the answer in a search (I was just letting you know there is s lot of discussion about the subject on these froums). :wink:

This software’s search function is a little “less than intuitive”. I find the key to finding what I want is to make sure I set the filter to be at least 1 year, and to avoid the "“exact phrase” setting.

In this instance, entering simply “fopen” for the search term would give you more than you want (though it would include the relevant answers) and using “allow_url_fopen” would give you better results. (no quotes in the “search” box). :wink:

Did the information in the thread I linked to give you what you needed?



Yes, it gave me the info I needed and I just decided to leave it as is. Thanks for the tips on searching this board.
Have a great holiday season!


You are welcome, and you too have a great holiday! :wink: