How to do forwarding in special manner?



Let me explain what I want, I have huge blog on blogspot and has been contributing to that blog since the time I dint have my own domain name. now, i want to use my website URL (subdomain) but want to fetch the content from my blog which is on blogger.

so, like, if somebody gives, it should fetch the content from and URL should show only! How can I do that!

It would be great if the URL beginning portion gives and afterwords it also shows the original filenames,

like, if my webpage name is,,

while accessing that page, (using hyperlink somewhere) my browser URL shows,

Is above possible, if it is, its really cool! I am not aware of these DNS records too much so, dont know how to do that, any pointers will be helpful…!!


So you want to scrape the old content? I advise you to do it manually if the content is 100% yours. I can’t advise any scraper tools…

Or you can just redirect / point the new subdomain to your old url.

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As I told earlier also, the content is 100% mine but its on (which is free blog provider from google) so, I dont have control over the site management, what I need is, people see the page content from but the addressbar shows my site (subdomain) URL!! How can that be done?

Jigar Mehta


The only thing you can do is setup a frameset document. This way the frameset document is on your domain and it’s URL appears in the address bar. But the content of the frame will be your blog hosted on blogspot.

You can have DreamHost do it for you by setting the subdomain to be cloaked on the Manage Domains panel.

“Set to Cloaked (“Mirroring” for any URL… uses a frame so browser URL doesn’t change.)”

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I went through this,

but what it does it, puts the addressbar text as whatever I put there, so, i want the addressbar to show (which is my subdomain) so, i put it there and enable cloacking but how will it get the content from blogspot?

Can both redirection and cloaking be applied at the same time?

Jigar Mehta


Yes, you can do as Atropos told, or just use a frame, and put the blogspot url inside it.

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Uh, it is simple.

Domain to cloak:
URL to Display:
Title in browser: duh

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So, that will replace with in the addressbar?

I want to show my new domain URL in the addressbar instead of blogspot URL… do you understand what I am saying? Will your technique still work?

Jigar Mehta


I don’t think you understand what we are saying.

In order to “forward” a domain you have to control the domain.

Since DreamHost does not control, DreamHost cannot “forward” it.

Your options are:

  1. copy your blog contents from the blogspot server to the DreamHost server
  2. use a frameset to cloak, like this:

If you need to know what a frameset is: HTML 4.01 - Frames

And if you need to copy your contents from blogspot server to the DreamHost server, you should see:
Blogspot - How do I setup an FTP (or sFTP) connection to my external web host?

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Thanks a lot… I got my blogspot blog dragged onto my site…


Jigar Mehta