How to delete sub-domain entry

I want to delete DNS entry : “”.
I was created by controlpanel when I create “Redirected Domain”.
Now, I don’t need it. I deleted the Redirected domain “”.
But DNS entry was exists yet.
I tried:

host -a

When is this deleted?

There is a delay for DNS records to update - if you deleted it from the panel, it will eventually go away; just be patient.

If it is a problem for you, or you can’t re-add the domain because the record is still there, you can contact support and ask them to manually “purge” it for you.


thank you for your advice!

How long term of dns-expire on dreamhost?

I deleted yesterday.

I will contact support if the entry remain too long.


No problem! I’ve seen the delay vary, and I’ve seen “removed domains” get “stuck”. If you did it yesterday, and it’s still there, I’d either give it another day, and then write support, or I’d write them now. They can fix you up. :slight_smile: