How to delete specific URLs

Hey everyone, I just launched my first website using Rapidweaver (web development software for Mac). I am completely happy with the website but something is wrong with the Google search for the website. My website is called and I have relaunched the website several times under slightly different URL addresses for specific pages. Whenever I google UrlogoRFID, the first link that pops up should be the only one that exists, the three URL’s right underneath should not even exist since relaunching the website.

Is there anyway I can use Dreamhost to completely block these specific URL’s from being hosted, and consequently not showing up in the Google search results.

It takes a little while for Google to catch up on changes. If those files don’t exist, you can create a 404 Page (missing.html) that links to the main page:

Or you can dig into the world of .htaccess and create redirects for each of the missing pages:

Go to Google Webmasters and request the url’s to be removed. More details can be found here: also using htaccess to redirect the url’s is still not a bad idea even if you remove them from google.