How to delete or move a wiki one-click install?

I wanted to play with a wiki, but after installing it, I decided that the database configuration needed rearranging.

What would be the best method of splitting the wiki tables from a pre-existing database?

I would have no issue with nuking the tables and deleting the wiki directory to allow for a fresh install, but I’m unsure if that’s kosher.

Is there a standardized way of removing or rearranging a wiki setup? Or is nuking in order?


Start by reading through the help file for phpmyadmin. See if that can help. It is possible to delete the tables without deleting the database. I recommend that you learn a language such as php so you can write a small routine that can do exacly what your asking. If all else fails go a head delete what you need to and reinstall.

OK, thanks.

I just wanted to be sure that simply dropping the tables and killing the wiki directory wouldn’t wind up orphaning anything system-related that would interfere with a reinstall.


What about moving a wiki without changing the content? Can I just copy all the files via FTP? Will copying the files install it or do I need to do One-Click Install first? Will it still point to the right DB (on a different user) or will the DB need to be moved somehow?

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