How to delete mailing lists


Hi dear DreamHost team:

I added some mailing list to my domain several months ago and now I want to delete them, I can see them in MainMenu->Mail->Manage EMail (Forwarding-Only Addresses), but when you try to delete, it will pop-up:“you cannot remove any convenience address manually”

but when I step into
MainMenu->Mail->Discussion Lists, I found there are no mailing lists created there.

How could I delete them?


Are you sure your “mailing lists” were not “Announcement Lists” instead of “Discussion Lists”?

You might want to check under Control Panel -> Mail -> Announce Lists, and see if they are there.



Hi rlparker:

Yes, I am very sure there is nothing either below Annoucenment Lists or Discussion Lists.

I thought it’s a bug


Hi gaoyuan!

I was just thinking out loud … I’m sure you are also logged into the panel as the correct user, right?

Hey, you may be right about it being a bug! I’ve never seen it happen before, but that doesn’t mean it can’t. I’d submit a support ticket and see what they say! :slight_smile:



Hi rlparker:
THANK YOU for your patience and kindness.

My usr name is LETIAN, the domain is “”;
the list is "", but a bunch of “core-admin”, “core-join” etc. I do need to delete them all…

Thank you for your help!


You’ll need to send your request to Support :wink:

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You are welcome, though I do not know that I’ve actually helped you at all.

In re-reading you posts, I’m now wondering if you were trying to delete those names using the “Bulk Edit Forwarding-only Addresses” link at the top of the Mail -> Manage Email page (or the “Forwarding-Only Addresses - edit all” link further down the page) and that might be causing the error message about not beiing able to delete them “manually”.

Have you tried deleting one of them by using the “Delete” button in the “Actions” column on the right side of the screen in the row that hold the email address?

Another thought that comes to mind is that if you have already deleted the list in the Mail-> Discussion Lists or Mail -> Announce Lists screen, the email might linger for a bit until the deletion is completed by the DreamHost batch processing routines.

This might account for why you can not see the list, but also cannot delete the email address “manually” (it might be “pending deletion”, and therefore “locked” because the list it is associated with no longer exists).



Hi rlparker:

1.What is edit all function means? I don’t know how it works.
2.It pop up I am not able to do so. In my first post.
3.I didn’t want to delete them until today, but failed and turned to your support.



Hi rlparker:
I solved it!

in the EDIT ALL function type, ‘ DELETE’.
Now that I can delete from the action area button you’ve mentioned.

But it’s rare I couldn’t find it in Announcement List or Distribution List menu. Can you explain it?

BTW, it DH supporting POP3 and IMAP services for email? how about the international language capability? What is the Pros and Cons compare with Google Apps (G Apps can’t hold .cn domains)

Thank you a lot for your support!


Good Deal, I’m glad you solved it! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I cannot explain why you had the trouble. I am just a customer here like you - the support people will likely be able to give you a better idea of what might have happened, if you send a support request and ask them.

Yes, DreamHost supports both POP3 and IMAP email directly, and you can access POP3 with any client, and IMAP with any IMAP client and webmail (set up at “”).

I’m not sure what precisely you are looking for in regarding “how about the international language capability?”, but I know that utf-8 is supported throughout, and there are many sites hosted on DreamHost in Chinese.

People’s experience with Gmail and Google Apps varies, as does their experience with DreamHost email - most are happy with wither, though some feel that Gmail is more reliable and/or has better spam filtering.

My experience has been that DH reliability is fine (as good as Gmail for me), but I agree that Gmail does a better job of filtering spam - either is fine for me as I use POP3 and let Thunderbirds filtering handle my spam (and it dows a fine job for me, once thoroughly trained).



Thank you my dear rlparker. You are so warm and helpful like DH employee…

Bring my warmest regards to you from China!


You are very welcome, and I hope you like it here at DreamHost. I think you will find many friendly an helpful people here from all over the world. :slight_smile: